Mariah Carey is going through some hard times lately!

A divorce from Nick Cannon, vocal hiccups during performances, and now she's being sued by a photographer and her record labe for how much it costs to get her ready for a photo shoot.

This high-maintenance lady spends a ridiculous amount of money to look good in the public eye.



  • $65,391 — for a stylist
  • $9,600 — for a hairstylist
  • $7,200 — for a makeup artist
  • $2,400 — for a manicurist

How did all of these numbers come out? Mariah Carey is now in a lawsuit between a photographer and her record label. The photo agency wants more money from the record label saying they agreed to $150,000 instead of $85,000.

Ok. All of that should cost $300 at the most (not including a stylist because we usually style ourselves).

Hopefully things look up for Mariah Carey. She needs a break!

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