I am the Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding and have NO idea what I'm doing

I've been a bridesmaid but never the Maid of Honor so, after panicking a little, I did some research.  Julia is my best friend and I want her to have the best of everything on her wedding day.  Her fiance, Tamas is like a big brother and I want the same for him.  I was feeling the pressure until I found a site called The Knot and it has all things wedding related, from wedding etiquette to checklists.  SCORE!  I found Maid of Honor duties!

  • Lead the bridesmaid troupe. It's the maid/matron of honor's job to direct the other maids through their duties. Make sure everyone gets their dresses, go to dress fittings, and find the right jewelry. Also provide them with the 411 on all pre-wedding parties.
  • Help shop for dresses. The bride's and the bridesmaids. And the Maid of Honor pays for her own entire wedding outfit (including shoes).
  • Offer to help the bride with pre-wedding tasks, from addressing invites to choosing wedding colors and the cake.
  • Spread the news about where the bride and groom are registered.
  • Help the bride change for her honeymoon and take charge of her gown after the ceremony. Arrange for storage in a safe place until she returns.
  • Host or co-host a bridal shower for the bride. Showers should be held about two weeks to two months before the wedding. Earlier is better.
  • Keep a record of all the gifts received at various parties and showers (or delegate a bridesmaid to handle this)
  • Plan the bachelorette party with the bridesmaids.  Steer clear of the night before the wedding so your bride isn't hungover! Try to plan it least 2 or 3 nights before the big day.
  • Make sure that all bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, get to the ceremony on time, and have the correct bouquets.
  • Hold the groom's ring during the ceremony. Safest place to put it? On your thumb.
  • Arrange the bride's train and veil before the ceremony begins and just after she arrives at the altar.
  • Hold the bride's bouquet while the couple exchanges vows.
  • Sign the marriage license as a witness, along with the best man.
  • Play hostess along with the other bridesmaids at frequent points during the reception: show guests where to sit, direct them to restrooms, tell them to where to put presents, invite them to sign the guest book, etc.
  • Collect any gift envelopes brought to the reception and keep them in a safe place.

The wedding isn't until September of 2016 and we've already chosen the bridesmaids dresses AND her wedding dress.  Julia is very laid-back so this should be cake!  I'm so excited to be a part of her big day!