Kalamazoo Comedy serves up hilariously BAD dating advice to listeners.

Listeners email The morning Mayhem with their relationship issues/questions and Kalamazoo Comedy comes in Tuesday mornings at 7:30am with questionable but hilarious advice.  This week, a listener asked,

"I did my weekly grocery shopping last night. I'm a single girl, so I don't need a lot of things.  Among the things I got was a "12 double rolls equals 24 single rolls" value pack of toilet paper, and a huge box of tampons.  As I was checking out, a VERY hot man got in line behind me. He smiled at me, then looked over at my items…and immediately laughed.

Normally I would've tried to start a conversation with the guy, but I was too embarrassed. And to make matters worse, the checkout lady forgot to ring up the tampons, and the guy had to grab the box and say, "These aren't mine."  What do you do if you're in line next to someone hot, but your purchases are embarrassing?" - Kristen, 32

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