Girls I know how hard it's to keep our skin feeling young and beautiful especially during the winter months. Here's some beauty tips for your skin:)

You need to change regular face moisturizer during the winter time. (FALSE) 

ANSWER/SOLUTION- You don't have to put your fave formula on ice. Simply winterize it. Unless you live in an extreme climate (say, the North Pole), your regular hydrator should hold up. But give it more oomph by applying a moisturizing serum first. Serums are lightweight, so they won't change your lotion's consistency. Plus, they penetrate deeply, delivering ingredients more effectively. Choose one with hyaluronic acid, which plumps up cells by attracting water.

Soaking into a hot tub is a big winter-sin. (TRUE

ANSWER/SOLUTION- When you take a bath your pores open up and the moisture in your skin evaporates and that's not your goal. If you love to have baths, keep it short (5 minutes), use a creamy wash with petroleum or sunflower oil. Your goal is to leave your skin coated to trap the natural oils. Pat dry with a towel instead of rubbing and immediately apply body lotion. It's like adding a sealant to a coat of paint.

 Downing tons of water will quench dry skin. (FALSE) 

ANSWER/ SOLUTION- Drinking a lot of water will increase the speed of getting rid of the water. (You will go to the bathroom a lot). You need foods with nutrients that will help strengthen your skin to help it retain their natural oils. Look for foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon and halibut.

PRODUCTS: Salmon & Halibut /Glass Water

Heavy lotions are more effective during the cold weather. (FALSE) 

ANSWER/ SOLUTION- Lotions do not have to be heavy. Light lotions can be as effective. Both do the jobs but in slightly different ways. Lighter lotions rely more on humectants, the lighter ingredients pull moisture into the skin. Thicker lotions prevent moisture from evaporating

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