We are teaming up with you, our community, to build awareness for the serious need for basic school supplies young, deserving children right here in Southwest Michigan.

Our goal is to raise enough essential school supplies and funds to help children start their school year off with confidence and pride.


  • More than 178,000 Michigan children live below poverty levels.
  • 1 in 4 (25%) MI children live in a household with income below 200% of the federal poverty level.
  • Most low income families are working families. 75% of Michigan’s poor families have a parent in the workforce. Employment is not adequate to lift these working families out of poverty. These parents want to provide for their children.
  •  The lack of quality early education, can have a significant impact on children's readiness for school, and their potential for life long educational and work success.


Across southwest Michigan, kids arrive to school empty handed. They don't have the basic supplies they need to learn and feel accepted. Imagine trying to hide your sadness, your embarrassment as you enter your classroom and silently sit at your desk hoping nobody will notice when the teacher says, “Pull out your pencil and begin writing.” You don’t even have a pencil.

We want to help the kids in this heartbreaking scenario. Join us in the fight to give these kids every opportunity to learn. We're collecting school supplies at the below drop-off locations throughout the Kalamazoo, Portage and Battle Creek areas.



Whites Rd: 3146 S. Westnedge – Kalamazoo
West Main: 4250 West Main – Kalamazoo
Westnedge: 6011 South Westnedge – Portage
Woodbridge: 3814 W. Centre – Portage
Plainwell: 1307 East M-89 – Plainwell
Allegan: 884 M-89 – Allegan
Schoolcraft: 13218 North US 131 – Schoolcraft
Gull Road: 5460 Gull Road – Kalamazoo
Paw Paw: 315 East Michigan – Paw Paw
North Park: 507 North Park St – Kalamazoo
Portage St: 930 Portage St – Kalamazoo
Lakeview: 698 Capital Ave SW – Battle Creek
Verona: 805 Capital Ave NE – Battle Creek

1125 E. Milham Ave Suite B, Portage

1320 M-89, Plainwell

390 Golden Ave, Battle Creek

333 W. Dickman Road, Battle Creek

395 South Shore Drive #204, Battle Creek

Portage: 5383 S. Westnedge Ave – Portage
Kalamazoo: 545 N Drake Rd – Kalamazoo
Battle Creek: 5285 Beckley Rd – Battle Creek

4512 Stadium Drive, Kalamazoo

4010 Gull Road, Kalamazoo

677 Romence Road, Portage

3023 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo

618 Crosstown Parkway, Kalamazoo

300 E. Centre Ave, Portage

6431 B Drive North, Battle Creek

3301 West Michigan Ave, Battle Creek

5162 Sprinkle Road, Portage

4154 Jennings Drive, Kalamazoo

390 Golden Ave, Battle Creek