Kate Upton . . . In a Bikini . . . In Zero Gravity

You know how people often say that someone or something "won the Internet"?  Well, KATE UPTON did that yesterday.  And she CRUSHED any and all competition.

You see, Kate did a bikini photo shoot for the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue . . . in ZERO GRAVITY.


Charlie Sheen Will NOT Get a Prenup

Yesterday, we heard "sources" say that CHARLIE SHEEN will get a prenup before marrying porno minx BRETT ROSSI.  But that's NOT the case.  Charlie says, quote, "Prenups poison marriages." Charlie says they're going into it with this simple agreement . . . quote, "You keep your [crap] and I'll keep mine."


Which Country Dominates Each Winter Olympic Sport?

HIGHLIGHTS:  The most dominant country at any Winter Olympics sport is Germany in the luge . . . the Germans have won 37% of all luge medals and 55% of the golds since 1980.  The next-most dominant are Russia at figure skating . . . Canada at curling . . . South Korea at short track speed skating . . . and the U.S. at snowboarding.