Just a good, steamy time at Bell's Wednesday night, as they hosted Gin Blossoms.

Photo: Dave Benson Used by permission

The great thing about Gin Blossoms is they can do an entire set of just hits. It was perfect for a Wednesday night in July. The only downside, the show was originally planned for outdoors in the beer garden, but, with a chance of storms in the forecast, the show was moved in. But it's Bell's so there was not only plenty of beer but also ample ice water.

The band seemed relaxed and played with crowd some. And again, it was hit after hit.

I don't go to that many concerts anymore, but one thing that sticks out is similar to virtually every other part of everyday life in 2016. Everyone seemed to be on their phones all the time. Are we going to be so busy with our phones, that we're going to miss out on actually enjoying what's in front of us.