Four spots to pet your cat and one to avoid

This is from the Yahoo pet people with four spots to scratch your cat...and one to avoid.  First, let's avoid one spot...

...on the belly.  This is where cats are completely opposite of dogs.  Dogs beg for a belly scratch, cats fight against it.  Instinct tells a cat to protect the territory close to the organs.  Cats are predator and prey, so they're always looking over their shoulder.

Four spots to scratch:

  • Base of the chin
  • Base of the ears
  • Cheeks behind the whiskers
  • Base of the tail ("elevator butt!"

And even then, this story puts everything about cats into perspective: A cat in England returned home after being missing for 18 years.  The owners celebrated the reunion by giving the cat a warm hug and a huge bowl of food . . . while the cat celebrated by not caring.