If I won $1000.00 with the WKFR contest "Dough-Vember" (which I can't), I would buy myself a Shinola watch.


Branded as "America's Most Authentic Fake Brand", has everyone from singers to Presidents wearing a Shinola watch.

The companies name was taken from the long defunct American shoe polish company. According to Forbes.com in 2010 a Texas business man by the name of Tom Kartssotis spent $1 million to buy the name 'Shinola' and to create a company with an American mid-century look too it.

Shinloa is the 1st company in decades to make luxury watches in the U.S.; but it doesn't stop there. Shinola also makes designer bikes, sells leather goods, pens, books, and the list just continues.

You can purchase Shinola watches in many high end stores, but part of the experience is going to the original Detroit store. So if you are looking to pick out that perfect holiday gift, you might just consider Michigan made Shinloa.