U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Shannon D. Barnwell/Released

Tell us about an active, prior or retired military service member who deserves a great Christmas with Honor.

Submit your story and a photo, and the service member could win a $100 Visa gift card from Honor Credit Union just in time for Christmas! (Families are welcome to nominate themselves.)

To salute our local military, all nominees and their families are also invited to a FREE dinner at Cafe Meli in Portage from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 18.

Every time a person visits this page to read the below stories, Honor Credit Union will donate $1 to the Disabled American Veterans Kalamazoo Branch!

Gift cards will be drawn at random throughout the dinner (must be present to win). Honor Credit Union will donate up to $500 to the Disabled American Veterans Kalamazoo Branch. Up to 120 people will be served at Cafe Meli.

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Greg Clark

Greg Clark (US Air Force - Air Guard):

Greg, currently in the Air Guard in Battle Creek, started his military career in the US Navy. He has served our country as active duty and guard a combined 19 years and still going strong. He is a very giving family man. Takes pride in his daughters and always goes the extra mile to help a friend. He's one of the toughest, kindest men I know and am lucky to be able to call him a friend. I'm so thankful to have someone like Greg to defend our country; he serves with pride, honor, and respect. Thank you Greg for all that you do!

Bobi Hendrickson

Bobi Hendrickson (US Air Force – Air Guard):

Bobi spent 20 years in the military, greater part of that time she spent as a single mother. After retiring she went back to school, where she graduated as a nurse.



Steven McEnaney

Steven McEnaney (US Army)

I want to nominate my husband. He is a five-time combat disabled veteran who has sacrificed so much for his country and his family. He is an amazing person, does volunteer work for the VFW in Indianapolis. Steve is a dedicated father and spends every moment, during the weekend, with our 6 yr old son that has autism and our 17-year-old nephew that has PTSD. He also helps with my parents that are disabled. He refuses to take credit for anything but will give you his last dollar if you need it. Thank you Steve for all that you do!

Daniel Cochran

Daniel Cochran

Dan served in the Vietnam War, which was severely injured due to his outstanding service. He lives very meagerly, and is one of the greatest and bravest people I know. Dan will help anyone and everyone, and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. We do not take care of our military vets the way they deserve after sacrificing so much so we can maintain our freedom. I would LOVE to see him have a wonderful holiday that he so richly deserves!!! He is the best of the best.

My uncle Danny fought on Hamburger Hill in Vietnam. When his buddy was injured, he went back to get him. They told him to leave him behind, as his injuries were too great, but my uncle went back anyway. While carrying his friend, he stepped on a land mine. My uncle spent several months in a hospital recovering from his injuries. My uncle is an awesome guy, who would do anything for anyone. I am so proud of him, and I consider it a privilege to call him my uncle.

Tyler Boucher

Tyler Boucher (US Air Force)

My good friend Tyler is an Iraq Veteran from the United States Air Force. Tyler is an amazing father and husband with a growing family. He has served this country with honor and pride. This holiday season I believe he deserves a great Christmas with Honor. The sacrifices he has made make him a true hero someone deserving of a Christmas blessing.

Sean McGinnis

Sean McGinnis (US Navy)

I would like to nominate my husband FCC (SW) Sean McGinnis. He has been a big part of Navy Recruiting District Michigan being successful. He has a way with people like no other I have known. He is the rock of our family; and the love of my life. We are so blessed to have him.

Steve Ferrell
Steve Ferrell (US Army)

Steve has built a career with the US Army, has been deployed and continues to serve in the Reserves. He's always thinking of other's before himself, takes pride in the people that serve with him. He's always putting other's needs before his own. Thank you Steve for all that you do!



Jerry Merriam
Jerry Merriam (US Army)

Jerry has served in the US Army. Jerry and his family puts others before themselves and have done so just to help others like myself and I think they deserve to get something in return.



Michael Files

LCDR Michael Files (US Navy)

LCDR Michael Files is the Commanding Officer of Naval Operational Support Center in Battle Creek. He is a Naval Academy Graduate and is involved with the Blue and Gold Committee. He is a huge community advocate for the men and women that serve under him as well as a family man. His involvement with the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Boy Scouts also shows his commitment to the youth, our future leaders.


Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan (US Marines)

Mike is a Marine veteran, who I currently look up to and have the pleasure of working with. He and his wife have been a great source wisdom and advice for my also Marine-veteran family. When our son was being bullied in school, Mike took his time to address issues and suggested training that has since given my son back his confidence and brought an end to his torment. Mike has the cutest 9-year-old son named Connor, whom he adores and cherishes. With all that being said, my family would love to nominate him and his family, as a small way of saying thank you for everything thing they have done to make our family a happier one.


Kabrena Earl
Kabrena Earl (US Navy)
Kabrena has a huge heart and service for a total of 8 years. She has two beautiful children and one on they way. She is always willing to help someone out and be there to listen in a time for need. If I need an encouraging word, she is always there for that. Kabrena loves her family and will do anything for them. She is working on a project for hats to send to the less fortuate.

Robert Barton

Robert Barton

Robert is a 27-year retired ommand Sergeant Major who is rated 60 percent disabled.




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