Here's the skinny. Ryan Block is a VP with AOL. He was trying to cancel his cable service. The call center person was doing his best to try for that not to happen. The folks at Comcast say this is not acceptable behavior.

Again, Comcast says they're embarrassed and very sorry, and they're looking into the whole situation.

I've been fortunate. I have never had this kind of situation develop, though I have had some aggressive phone solicitors, back before the "Do Not Call" law went into effect.

I finally hit on something that worked really well back then. I'd listen for a few mintutes and then I'd say. "Okay, that's fine. You're going to ask me for a credit card. Well, my time is valuable too. I charge $50 an hour to listen to these sales pitches. You give me your credit card number, and I'll give you mine."

That always got interesting responses.

"Well, I can't do that."

Yes, but you were willing to let me give you my number. And I don't know you from Adam, either. Fair is fair.