Sad news comes to us from Binder Park Zoo this morning.

According to a press release from Kari Parker at the Binder Park Zoo,

It is with great sadness that Binder Park Zoo announces the death of their last remaining Mexican gray wolf.  Phoenix, a 14 year old endangered Mexican wolf, was humanely euthanized on September 19, 2016, due to deteriorating health issues relating to his advanced age. The median life expectancy of a Mexican wolf is 11 years. Phoenix was part of a group of eight wolf pups born at the Zoo in 2002.  The four females went on to live at other accredited facilities, while the males lived out their lives at Binder Park Zoo.  The Zoo expects to be home to more wolves in the future.

Just a year ago Tess did a story about a Gray Wolf sighting in Michigan's lower peninsula.


Just yesterday morning while pulling into the WKFR studios I saw 2 animals running away.  They seem to large to be coyotes.  But I'm no expert.  Below is the grainy dash-cam footage from my car.  It's hard to tell.