A $40 helicopter ride in Put-in-Bay conquered my fear of flying. And it happened during Pyrate Weekend - what could go wrong?

I went to Sandusky, Ohio over the weekend to visit a friend and we took a ferry over to Put-in-Bay to spend the day. Turns out it was Pyrate Weekend in Put-in-Bay (and for some odd reason it's Pyrate not Pirate Weekend - but that's PIB for ya). As we were walking around downtown looking at everyone dressed as pirates, we come across a sign that says, "$40 Helicopter Rides."  My friend Nuber spent most of the day convincing me that we couldn't pass up the deal.  I am terrified of helicopters but finally decided to do it.

Nuber kept saying, "If anything happens, what an awesome way to go?  A fiery helicopter crash in Put-in-Bay that only cost $40."  Apparently, that was enough for me...

A Weekend in Put-in-Bay Photos