This morning Tess and I announced the winners of the "Say I Do" Contest!

The Tempo Vino Winery wine party for 15 went to:

Laura Strunk & Aaron Beery

We met in 2005. Fast forward 10 years, he finally asked me this April. He took me to the swings we used to spend our high school days at (what else do you do when you’re 17?). We swung on the swings and reminisced. On the walk back, he started singing (badly) this song from the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” where Charlie proposes to the Waitress. I couldn’t stop laughing at him. I pushed him away thinking he was teasing me, but turned around to see him on one knee! The rest is history.

The Wedding Ceremony at The Henderson Castle went to:

Christian Alexander & Stephanie Becker

I’d like to do a walk through the park just us two hand in hand, talking, laughing, enjoying each others company. Followed by a romantic candlelight dinner at a 5 star restaurant. And she since loves Disney movies we’d go see beauty and the beast at Miller Auditorium and at the perfect part of the play they’d call me up on stage to propose.




And the big winner of the Rogers & Hollands Diamond Engagement Ring went to: Justin Gregory & Michael Thomas

My dream proposal is one that includes my daughters. Mike has been such an amazing role model for them and they love him so much that it would be perfect for them to be there no matter the location or how the proposal happens.