Are you a mom who wants to make some extra money fast!? There are still booths available for the 103.3 KFR Mom To Mom Sale!

Being a new parent, I was amazed at how quickly kids grow out of their clothes. I bought Makynzie a few shirts for Christmas, and they were big on her then; here we are almost May, and she is too big for them! She only used one of them; the others still have the tags on them.

That is a lot of what you find at the Mom To Mom Sale -- clothes that are pretty much brand new that kids grew out of way to fast! Now you could go back to the stores and see if you can return them for a store credit, but wouldn't you rather have CASH!?

You might say, "Well, I don't have enough for an entire booth!" Get a friend with kids to go in with you! It cuts down on the booth price, and you will have a full booth! Remember it is only 9 days away! 

So, if you have been procrastinating getting a booth, it is not too late, but time is running out quick!