Tess Taylor and I are craving pumpkins today and I found 5 safety tips to know when making a jack-o'-lantern.

We all know how slimy pumpkins can be so the chances of getting hurt are there. Vocativ.com says...

"According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, 4,400 people went to the emergency room last year because of “Halloween-related activities”—more than half of which were pumpkin-carving incidents."

Not a huge number, but big enough to make me look into keeping myself safe and all my fingers attached. Noelhenley.com listed 5 tips that are really smart, and I will keep them in mind!

#1 "Keep your area clean, dry and well-lit."

#2 "Sharper isn't always better." The article refers to the knife cutting to deeply into the skin of the gourd, causing a person to use too much pressure to pull it out.

#3 "Be patient." With all the excitement for the holiday and end results, it is better to take your time.

#4 "Let adults do the carving."  Not really sure who the adult is in situation of Tess and I carving...

#5 "Prepare for success and safety, use the right tools." Invest in a pumpkin carving kit; it's better then a hospital bill!

Have fun, be safe and I would love to see your finished carved pumpkin!