WKFR had some water issues yesterday, so a port-a-potty (an outhouse) was brought in for the staff to use...nuff said about that... but it got me to thinking!

It got me to thinking about the "outhouse", first is it one word or two, for the record it's one. Then I started searching for facts about the outhouse, and believe it or not, it's a tad interesting.

I located the website called cottagelife.com and they had a number of interesting things about outhouses. Here are the top 5...

  1. There is a outhouse museum in Nova Scotia. Hey Kids, lets go to the outhouse museum! Yea, that has family fun written all over it!
  2. There really are 'two seater outhouses. I know it sounds crazy but they are built for families. One seat is larger for the adults and the other smaller for the kids. I don't believe they were built to be used at the same time.
  3. Back in the day people used corn cob shucks for toilet paper, that was until they got the Sears catalog, then they were living the high life!
  4. The traditional Moon and Stars on an outhouse actually had a purpose! The Moon represented the ladies outhouse and the Stars a man's.
  5. And the best fact I know about an outhouse, the  Farmers Almanac has a hole punched in the corner of the book  so that you can hang it up in your outhouse!