With Thanksgiving in just a few days, many of us have questions about preparing the perfect bird. Yet, I bet you could never imagine the top 5 craziest question people have asked the Butterball's Talk Line


Maybe it's the first time you are cooking the prize of the Thanksgiving dinner table, or you are a pro at it. Either way, you will enjoy the crazy questions people have asked.

30 years ago, back in 1981, a group of 6 home economists where hired to work the phone lines for Butterball and answer questions about preparing a turkey. Now there are 50 plus experts working the phones and answering over 100,000 questions each holiday season.

Greatideas.people.com sat down with the group from Butter's Talk Line to discover the most insane questions asked. Here are the Top 5!

  1. "So, I'm looking at a turkey from 1969 sitting here in my father's freezer...any tips on the best way to cook a 30 year old bird?"
  2. "How do I roast my turkey so it gets golden brown tan lines in the shape of a turkey bikini?"
  3. "How to carve a turkey when all of it's bones have been broken?"
  4. I carved my turkey with a chainsaw...is the chain grease going to adversely affect my turkey?"
  5. Why does my turkey have no breast meat?" (for the record, she had the bird upside down).

I think it is safe to say, your turkey will turn out fine, but if you have any questions you know who to call. No question is a dumb question....