It's easier said than done, but according to The Huffington Post, if you keep these secrets in the back of your mind, it could change your relationship for the better and for good.


1. Never argue on an empty stomach. 

 Dr. Karl Pillemer, author of 30 Lessons For Loving and professor of gerontology at Cornell, said " We have been able to keep a tiff from growing into a major fight by asking: 'Are we hungry?' Whatever the cause (low blood sugar, perhaps?), a sandwich or a cookie can help prevent serious conflict -– and both are cheaper than psychotherapy!"   I don't care who you are, when you're hungry, you're cranky.  As soon as I eat, I can take on anything.

2. Hold yourself accountable. 

Dr. Logan Levkoff, sexologist and author, said "...what I have learned is that if I am wrong, or if I have deliberately or inadvertently hurt my husband, I will apologize. You just have to. It goes a long way." Apologize!  And if YOU apologize, I think, it will show your partner how beneficial it is to do the same.  Ah, sweet harmony.

3. Create a daily ritual that's just about you and your spouse and stick to it.

Sticking to a consistent daily routine, whether it's having breakfast together, watching a show on Netflix before bed, or walking the dog together, not only helps your bond, but it creates trust.  "The only thing that matters is that you are consistent and it is a time set aside to connect each and every day. This will build trust in your marriage like nothing else," said Fawn Weaverauthor and founder of Happy Wives Club.

4. Sometimes you have to go first. 

Don't be stubborn!  You may regret it.  "Life is too short and marriage is too important to wait for everything to be fair," said Winifred Reilly, licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship blogger

5. Despite what you've heard, it's OK to go to bed angry. 

"Staying up all night to fight will lead to escalation, while calling for a ceasefire to resolve differences the next day will lead to win-win solutions," said Dr. Jim Walkup, licensed marriage and family therapist.  If you stay up all night arguing, you're probably going to wake up the neighbors, and you'll be exhausted at work the next day...sleep on it!  How many times have you taken a time-out and realized it was a silly argument to begin with?  I always feel better after some shut-eye.


Photo By: Darren Baker/ThinkStock