I still think that the negligence of these people's actions should result in time spent in jail. If I had lost a friend or family member due to a gadget that was not properly working and it could of been fixed. I would be irate. This is just heartbreaking all the way around. I feel for these families.

The delayed recall by General Motors that led to the deaths of at least 13 people was due to both the misconduct of about 20 employees, as well as "a pattern of incompetence and neglect" throughout the company, according to an internal probe of the recall released Thursday.



GM CEO Mary Barra announced that 15 employees have been dismissed from the company and five more have been disciplined in the wake of the three-month probe by former federal prosecutor Anton Valukas. Barra said some were dismissed due to misconduct or incompetence, while others simply did not do enough to fix the problem. The names and jobs of those dismissed were not disclosed. Read On