Arby's has created an amazing sandwich in honor of hunting season ...

Eugene Bochkarev

"The chain’s venison is 100% deer meat that comes from free-range, grass-fed deer, USA Today reports. The sandwich itself contains premium thick-cut top and bottom round venison steaks topped with crispy onions and berry sauce, all placed on a toasted roll. This limited time offer is part of Arby’s “It’s Meat Season” campaign, which celebrates the start of hunting season."

The sandwich sounds yummy, but if you want to make your own here is what you need to know about how to treat the meat. had a great list that I think will be helpful when preparing venison!

  1. Preparation Begins In The Field - dress the deer immediately by removing the intestines and other inedible internal tissue.
  2. Aging The Deer - it will make the meat much more tender.
  3. Do Not Over Cook Venison - venison taste best when eaten rare.
  4. Do Not Attempt To Cook Venison Like Corn-Fed Beef
  5. When Braising Make Sure Your Temperature Is Low Enough
  6. Match The Cut Of Meat To The Cooking Method
  7. Tenderizing Meat Allows For More Diversity In Cooking Tough Cuts.
  8. Use The Best Kitchen Tools - a sharp knife will making preparing the meat much easier
  9. Do Not Be Afraid To Be Creative.
  10. Enjoy!