October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The best way to save your life from Breast Cancer is early detection. Borgess Health is stepping up to the plate and offering evening hours for mammograms at 4 of their locations. Need an appointment call 269-226-6999.

#10 "Squeeze A Boob, Save A Life"

#9 "Fight Like A Girl"

#8 "For Guys, Every Month Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

#7 "Check Your Bumps For Lumps"

#6 "Treasure You Chest"

#5 "Support The Ta-Tas"

#4 "Keep Calm And Check The Girls"

#3 "Big Or Small Lets Save Them All"

#2 Cancer Touched My Boobs So I Kicked It's A**

And The Number One Saying....

"Save Second Base"