Kalamazoo Ribfest, always the crown jewel of the downtown festivals, is going to entertain you August 3rd-5th. The musical lineup spotlights some Rock, some Rap and Hip-Hop, and some hot Country music.Paired up with the award winning rib vendors that will be at Arcadia Creek Festival Place in downtown Kalamazoo, the musical entertainment is up to the task of matching that.

Ribfest starts with some hot Country music on Thursday night. Union Guns has it's roots in West Michigan. It's hard to pinpoint their sound, but it's country, folk, a little bluesy with a pop edge.

(Johnkforpope via YouTube)

On Friday night, Arcadia Creek will rock with the legendary Grand Funk Railroad. The band got started in Flint, and through the 70's scored two #1 hits (We're an American Band and Loco-motion) plus a few rock anthems (I'm Your Captain, Bad Time, Some KInd of Wonderful).

(jbeaumont71 via YouTube)

Opening for Grand Funk Railroad will be Let There Be Rock, a tribute band to early AC/DC.

Saturday night at Ribfest, it's going to be one big party..the Godfather of Hip-Hop, Rev Run from Run DMC. 

(RevRunVevo via YouTube)

What hasn't Rev Run done? Run DMC, author, star of TV shows (Rev Run Around the World, And Sunday Suppers). It's going to be a party, especially with 90's party band, Fool House opening on Saturday night of Kalmazoo Ribfest.



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