It’s time for a semi- annual (or so) Benson rant. So help me, several things have been building up for the past couple of weeks, and I guess I need to unload.

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All I keep seeing is that people are just plain getting stupider. I’ve ranted in the past about civility being gone, and it is. But stupid is popping up as fast as mold on bread to take it’s place.

Let’s start with the Oscars. Chris Rock can be a funny guy, though he does strike me of an Eddie Murphy wanna-be. Some of his lines were funny. But why, oh, why, does he get a pass on a truly vulgar line about wanting to get into Rihanna’s panties? Where is the outrage over that? If anyone else had done that line, there’d be picketers up before the end of the broadcast. And how does Rock justify it? He’s got daughters. They were up on stage with him. What if some other comedian made the same line about one of his daughters? I’m sorry, but in my neighborhood, he’d have had his keister kicked all the way to the other block.

And by the way, the cookie bit was lame. Just as lame as when Ellen ordered pizza. Food humor at the Oscars? Just say no. (back to that in just a second)

And since we’re talking here about kids, how self-absorbed are we? That Kardashian-attention-hooker posts another selfie of herself buck nekkid. What exactly is that for? To keep her name and her brand alive? Is that what she wants her kids to see about “mommy”. No, they’re too young now, but tweets are forever and kids can be cruel, and you know they’re eventually going to see all this garbage.

But wait, their daddy is running for President in 2020, and with the direction things are going these days, he just might get elected. Think I’m not serious? Look at the clowns running this year. Heck, they’re all bozos on this bus. And when Kanye is elected, Kim becomes First Lady. Yep, I’ll be one proud American. We’ll have a porn star for First Lady.

Speaking of First Ladies, Nancy Reagan died this past weekend. Now I’m seeing memes all over Facebook about President Obama skipping her funeral to go to SXSW instead. Yes, I think he should go to the funeral. But why are these same people giving George W. Bush a pass for skipping Lady Bird Johnson’s funeral?

There was a time, kids, when politics wasn’t quite this ugly.

In reading Mrs. Reagan’s obituaries, they kept mentioning how Pres. Reagan, a Republican, and House Speaker Tip O’Neill , a Democrat were adversaries during the day, but best of friends, socially, at night.

As one of the my favorite comedians would say….If you can’t play nice. “Get out of the line!” If you’re too stupid to vote, “Get out of the line!”. If you can’t freaking keep you clothes on, on Twitter, “Get out of the line!” If you don’t realize you have kids, and you don’t respect them enough not to do stupid things, “Get out of the line!”

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