If you're looking for a page turner, or in this digital age, a page scroller, the Michigan Department of Transportation has again released a link to a 51 page report on how to make Michigan drivers better at using roundabouts.

Spoiler Alert: MDOT likes them and thinks you should, too; though maybe you don't like them as much as MDOT would like you to like them.

In an MDOT podcast, Michigan State University professor and expert Timothy Gates states the obvious, that the less complicated the roundabout (single lane, for example) the safer they are, but as the report states, the goal of roundabouts is to reduced left turn head on collisions, "t-bone" collisions, and to slow speeds down, in general. And that they have done. The lower the speed, the lesser the damage, in human terms, from crashes is created. In fact, the whole theme of this podcast is reducing speeds correlates to less dangerous crashes.





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