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Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill Still Want to Make Another Superman Solo Movie, If They Find the Time
Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters (and even prior to that), there’s been nothing but talk of the Justice League movies, a new Batman solo film starring and possibly (probably) directed by Ben Affleck, and various other DC superhero movies. But there’s one potential project that hasn’t been discussed: another Superman solo film. Warner Bros.’ DC movie schedule doesn’t include a sequel to Man of Steel, but that doesn’t mean that Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill aren’t thinking about it.
The ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Trailer Is Now Officially Online in HD!
Warner Bros. has planned one of the most ambitious trailer launches in history for their upcoming Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. On Monday, April 20, fans can attend a special event at IMAX theaters around the country where the new Batman v Superman trailer will debut after a special introduction from director Zack Snyder. They spent this week teasing that big unveiling with previews of the preview on Snyder’s Twitter feed. This was a carefully orchestrated media event.