Matt Giraud

Matt Giraud Fights Back Tears
Kalamazoo native and former American Idol contestant Matt Giraud addresses the Presidential Election results the best way he knew how.  Fighting back tears, he sang the perfect song.
Five Kalamazoo Halloween Costume Ideas
Out of clever Halloween costume ideas?  Want to show a little Kalamazoo Pride?  I have five Kalamazoo-centric costume how-tos that will make you the talk around the apple-bobbing barrel.
1) Derek Jeter

Basic costume needs: baseball uniform with Yankee's logo and number 2, baseball hat, cleats, batting…
Matt Giraud Shows Soul
Matt Giraud and fellow former American Idol contestant Candice Glover shared an impromptu rehearsal Friday Night via Facebook Live.  It leaves you wondering how Matt isn't a huge superstar by now.
Dana Loses Man Card
I have been a die hard American Idol fan since day 1.  Now the final hours are upon us.  Let's look back to how American Idol took away my man card.