KZoo Twitter Reaction to Trump
Many Kalamazoo residents took to twitter with their feelings on Trump becoming the next President of the United States of America.  Most of them are too graphic to share...
Benson Show Rant: I Hate Them All!
"Mommy, please make it stop!" I am old enough to know better, but then again, I AM old enough to know better. Every election year, I feel this way, but this year I feel it so much more. I hate all the politicians and quite honestly I hope they all lose.
Who I'm Voting For
I am guilty of having a very negative attitude with people I care about because of this election.  I dare say, I've become a person I do not like.  This video really puts it in perspective.
Chelsea Clinton To Appear In Battle Creek October 29
The presidential campaign is making its way to Battle Creek this weekend, with an expected appearance by Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s daughter.
Chelsea Clinton is scheduled to appear in Battle Creek Saturday, October 29, according to the campaign’s website, for…