You can win BIG this Valentine's Day with the Sweetheart Drive at 5.

How It Works

1. Each weekday morning listen to Dana and Chelsea around 7:20 am for the Sweetheart Drive at 5 Love Song of the Day.

2. Lauren Gordon will play that song again sometime in the 5 PM hour.  When you hear that song played again, be the 13th caller at 978-1033.

3. Each day one lucky winner grabs a daily prize and is registered for a HUGE grand prize!

Each daily winner will receive the following:

  • Week 1 (Jan 31st - Feb 4th): A Dozen Donuts from Sweetwater's
  • Week 2 (Feb 7th - Feb 11th): 1 pound box of chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Each daily winner is then qualified for the Valentine's Grand Prize:

  • $100 American Express Gift Card from KC's Auto Land

Dana and Chelsea will announce the grand prize winner at 7:20 AM on Monday, Feb 14th.

Happy Valentine's Day and good luck!

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