I recently took a little mini vacation to Traverse City over Labor Day weekend. It's funny how sometimes you miss a turn and it can actually lead to good things. That's exactly what happened last Thursday when I was headed towards Traverse City. I got off of 131 and was gonna come up from underneath, as apposed to taking 131 to 72. After missing a turn it lead me into a small village I've never heard of called Kingsley.

Kingsley is a tiny village about a half hour Southeast of Traverse City. It turns out I picked the right time to miss a turn because a new shop called "Redefined," which markets itself as featuring "Candy, Crafts, Crap." Seriously. That's their slogan. So you know I had to step inside and see what this place was all about. They weren't kidding, they had all of the above listed items for sale.

To the right when you first walk in is a giant candy room, followed by their main room and a side room that splits off around the back. The shop just recently opened and the ladies who run the shop were super friendly. Here's a little glimpse into some of the cool things you can spot in Redefined:

This Little Shop Up North Sells Some Awesome Crap

If you're ever taking a trip up north, you should always split away from the beaten path and check out some local shops. These little villages can offer some cool experiences.

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