Do you like animals?

I am definitely a fan of all the worlds little furry friends. I even have a couple of little creatures of my own named Scarlett and Zola!

My twin cats Scarlett and Zola on the table... Just where they are not suppose to be.

I'm not just a cat lover however, put any kind of animal in front of me and I want to touch it.  Hence why I am super excited to see a sneak peak of all the exotic animals Jeff Musial will be bringing to Kalamazoo on the Tonight Show this evening June 18th at 11:35 eastern time.

I JUST CAN'T EVEN imagine how I will ever be able to contain myself at his show this fall.  Not only is his show a riot and great for the whole family, but I'm going to see all the fuzzy animals!  Plus, I have the opportunity to get my picture taken with them! Ah, I will probably start talking to the little otters and say, "Hello flocculent friend, you will be mine and I will call you George."  So, don't be surprised if the animal count is a little low at the end of the night, and you see me sprinting out the back door with an otter or monkey.


Jeff Musial will be appearing on the Tonight Show this evening with Jimmy Falon.


If you would like to see Jeff and his Animals this September 13th at Kalamazoo Central Auditorium, you can purchase tickets HERE.  It will be a great show for the whole family! You too can give your kids a chance to meet some of these fun animals and get their pictures taken also if you purchase VIP tickets.

You can find more information about Jeff's show on our events page or by clicking here.

Tickets are $15 for General Admission and $30 for VIP


Don't forget to watch him this evening on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon!