It’s always a terrible thing when you have to deal with the passing of a landmark, especially when an accidental fire takes it down. In early May, the oldest roller rink in Michigan suffered this fate as the Ramona Roller Rink in Dowagiac went up in flames and was completely destroyed. Shortly after the fire, the owners of the roller rink were not sure if they were going to rebuild or not.

Having to take on the stress of dealing with a historic building like that being a complete loss and trying to pick up the pieces proves to be incredibly challenging. When I say it was a total loss, I mean that at the time there were 1000 or more pairs of skates in the building and the owners found it difficult to even to track down a single pair within the rubble.

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Luckily, for them, the community has completely backed them up and apparently is holding a fundraiser at the site of the roller rink in the hopes of raising enough money to rebuild it:

JOIN US at the Fundraiser For Rebuilding Ramona THIS SATURDAY! July 6th from 11 am to 4 pm (and later for vendors who decide to stay longer) vendors, food, mini golf, games, and more! Help raise money to rebuild our beloved roller rink that sadly burned down in May. This historical rink was the oldest in Michigan at 95 years old (this fundraiser will also be Ramona's 96th birthday) built in 1928.

For updates on the event and how you can help be a part of the fundraising process, you can visit their Facebook page.

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