It's been said that Jim Harbaugh truly does care about the people of Michigan and all U of M fans for that matter, and stories like these prove that is undeniable. A Kentucky father who has been a lifelong fan of U of M sent Jim a letter in the mail and actually received a letter back from the coach himself:

After the University of Michigan football team decimated the Ohio State Buckeyes in November, I sent Coach Harbaugh a letter. In it I explained how I was a life long fan, a single dad and raising Mickey as a U of M fan too. It was in December the week they won the Big10 Championship. Today, I received this in the mail. Coach Harbaugh is a Class Act! A Michigan fan for life.
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Jim's Response

In the return letter, Jim showed how much heart he has for the young fans:

Mike, I receive a lot of letters but I was moved by your kind words & commitment to move forward and "attack each day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind." Make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. One day at a time. Keep up the fight. Your son is counting on you! "60 Blue," Jim Harbaugh.


One Small Act Goes A Long Way

When it came to another fan, the fact that his exchange proves this guy is right where he needs to be in his career:

Throughout his tenure as our coach, he has never failed to answer my emails. He truly cares about people and our school and team. I met him briefly after one of his visits to Weber’s. He was speaking to the U of M Club of Ann Arbor. I referenced one of our email exchanges and he actually remembered it. He had named my note “The Ode to the Perfect Fan”. I hope he stays the rest of his career at Michigan.

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