You're walking through a suburb area of homes and come across a young man sprinting around a corner. You would think that he's running for something, that something was animals that nobody was expecting... a herd of escaped cows!

The incident took place in the Ripon area of Yorkshire, England on July 8. At first, local police thought that residents were pranking them when they called to report that a herd of cows were running down local streets. Local house security systems captured footage of residents running for their lives from the hoard of 45 cows.

16-year-old local Leon Box was seen running from the herd who rounded the corner just seconds after he  16, can be seen racing away from the herd as they charge down the street in Ripon.

His mother, Jess Box, believed that the legion of livestock managed to push through the local farm's kissing gate at the edge of their field, near a street. She recalled to the Yorkshire Post that their stampede sounded like "an earthquake."

After the initial run, the cows split off into two herds at an intersection, with some of them headed into town. Jess added that the cows "made a mess" and that "there is quite a lot of poo, it's pretty gross."

The local police were able to gather them after several hours and return them to their farm. Unfortunately, several homeowners' gardens were damaged in the stampede.

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