I am on Craigslist all the time looking for good deals and for Missed Connections every Monday Morning around 6:35am. Well as I was going through I saw something for Valentine’s Day. Which is less than 2 weeks away for those who always forget.

It is someone’s collection of lingerie. Now I get buying T-shirts and hats off Craigslist, but I am going to have my reservations purchasing things like….. Underwear!

Am I getting a guarantee it’s washed? Or maybe that is never been worn? Again you really don’t know what was done in, or too anything off Craigslist! So you are always taking a risk. It just seems to me that you are taking a little more of a risk with things like used underwear.

What do you think? Totally fine? Or something you wouldn’t be interested in at all?

Even Will's Wife Was Mentioned In A Craigslist Post (Below)