Online shopping has become very convenient for the busy schedule, but there are some things you should never buy online.

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    A Bicycle

    You can research bicycles online and find out everything you need to know about them but it's probably not the best idea to buy one online according to Yahoo.  "When you spend that much money, you need to make sure you get the right size and fit," says Katherine Karrick Gianini, a certified cycling and triathlon coach.   Have fun trying to box it up to ship it back for repairs.  If you buy a bicycle locally, you can make sure you have the right size and fit and you can just take it back to the shop to have it repaired.

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    Children's Shoes

    Everyone knows how fast they grow out of them, so why pay for shipping?  What if the brand runs small and you have to pay to send them back?  Also, I would want my child to have shoes that fit perfectly so I'd rather go to someone who knows how to measure the size correctly.

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    I've tried to send flowers from a major online delivery service and it cost me an arm and a leg and to top it all off, the flowers were halfway dead!  I learned to contact a local florist near the person I'm sending them to.  The flowers are fresh and a lot cheaper.

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    Get off the couch and go grocery shopping!  I've never even heard of people having their groceries delivered.  Your food won't be as fresh and of course, you'll be spending a fortune on something that already does in the first place.

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    Home Decor

    Ever tried to buy pillows online to match the color of the wallpaper only to realize that the picture made the color look white when they were really yellowish off-white?  That has happened to me.  The color is hardly ever portrayed correctly on the computer screen.  Remember, you will always have to pay for shipping when you return something (Unless you find a coupon code or something).  

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    You spend a third of your life on your mattress...and they're not cheap. So, instead of guessing, go to the store and try it out!  You'll more than likely have to have the store send it to your house anyway.  Sleep is very important to me so I don't mess around with mattresses.  I've fallen asleep in a mattress store while testing them out.

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    Guilty!  I still buy bathing suits online even after having to return them over and over.  I simply don't like trying on bathing suits in the store.  Plus, I think, if you shop online, you're more likely to find the one you're looking for.  My problem is thinking I look like VS models...ha!  Yahoo says that fit can fluctuate even among suits from the same brand, and many online retailers don't allow swimsuit returns if the packaging has been opened or there's evidence the suit has been worn.

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