Running outside in the snow can be easy with just a few Winter tips.

Photo: Bobby Guy

When the temperature drops and the snow falls, many runners head indoors.

It doesn't have to be this way.

With minimal equipment and maximum layers you can enjoy running in any conditions.

Photo: Bobby Guy

Layer-up. It is important to dress in layers; wicking fabric works best to draw perspiration away from your skin and keep you warmer. Pro tip: dress like it's actually 10-15 degrees warmer- once your body heats up you won't regret it.

Get a grip. To get more traction on slippery snow and ice, you can add coils or studs to the bottom of your shoes. Neither option is very expensive and both make a world of difference on or off the road.

Don't play in traffic. Sharing the slippery roads with vehicle traffic can be treacherous as snow piles up and narrows the roadways. Be sure you wear bright, reflective clothing and use a light if you have to run the streets. Better yet, get to one of the many Kalamazoo parks; the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail and the Kal-Haven Trail are ideal this time of year.

Have fun! Know that you are not going to set a personal best time on a snow day. Slow down, watch your footing and then be sure to look around and enjoy the Winter wonderland!


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