I am the proud owner of a dirty, dirty house! This weekend both Kaysie and I had our parents in town to help get started on some home renovations. There is more than I expected to do, but I guess it is not uncommon to realize there is more to do after buying a house. One thing I didn't think I would have to do is clean so much! OMG, this house was dirty! The picture of the one clean floor tile kind of says it all. Kaysie's mom Karla cleaned the inside of the oven 7 times and spent a good hour on it! The carpets were gross the hardwood floor was trashed.

Now sanding and staining are on the list of things to do. Then repainting, then re carpeting, then the siding, then the lawn and finally the garage needs to be straitened and re-roofed!

So... if you have a free weekend and want to fix a house, you know where to find me!