It was a good weekend back home in Auburn Hills! Until Things got strange.It was all well and nice seeing my mom, step-dad and brother. The reason for the trip was pick up a truck. At the parents house there are so many cars in their driveway it looks like a used car lot. So they said here have the truck. Not a new fancy truck mind you, a 1996 GMC Sierra.  Anyway, back to the story... So we were in the driveway making room for their new vehicle, when all the sudden under some leaves I saw what looked like a dead mouse belly up. I said,"Did you plant some mouse traps out here?" My step-dad said, "Yeah to keep them away from the cars." Upon further investigation I realized it was a toy mouse caught in the trap. WHAT? I was so confused. Is this to scare the mice away? Did a mouse see the trap and plant this in it? WHAT WAS GOING ON IN THIS DRIVEWAY!? So I asked and they all had no idea how this toy mouse got in this mouse trap. The investigation continues!

Will Harvey's Strange Find