I have been without my old truck for a week because the alternator took a poop on me downtown! Last Friday night I was at the Wild Bull to see Saving Able, which by the way was AWESOME, but my truck broke down on me! After the show I walked all the way back to my truck which was parked on top of the parking garage by the Alamo Drafthouse. Get in my truck, turn the key and just hear "click click click click click". After spending most of the day trying to get it out of the parking garage Saturday, it has stayed parked in my driveway.

Well I looked up the average price of having an alternator put in, and it could run anywhere from $500 to $1,000! NO WAY I CAN AFFORD THAT! So I looked it up and did a little studying and decided I can do this myself! It was actually pretty easy. I just had to remember to everything in the right order and where everything went back . Now it is running like a champ, and it only cost me $150. That is with the cost of a new serpentine belt as well. So before just bringing your car to the shop, find out if it is an easy fix or not!