The first… or second time we met! The very first time we met was during the KFR Diva Deck Party in 2013. (We were just posing for a picture.)

The second time that we met — and actually talked to each other — was last December during an local fundraiser for Operation Scribble at Dunkin' Donuts in Kalamazoo. I remember being wowed by her beauty right off the bat!  Every Dunkin' Donuts employee apparently knew too, because they all said I was "creepily staring at her."

Kaysie came over to Krista and me to get our lunch order for Jimmy John’s, and I offered to help her carry the food. That was my opportunity to actually talk to her.

I really didn't know how to ask her out, I just kind of randomly brought it up. So, after getting the food and talking a little about her life outside work, I said, "Sounds like you are a hard-working mom who needs a night out!"

That was the only thing I could come up with to ask her out. Oh, and by the way, she said "Yes!" We went out to Monaco Bay the next night!

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