This just isn't right. It's Halloween and it's nice out. What's going on here?

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Halloween around here is usually dark, grey, cloudy, wet, and one year back in the late 90's, there was snow on the ground from an October blizzard. The west side of Kalamazoo looked like a war zone with all the tree branches down from the weight of the snow on the still unfallen leaves.

But it's not raining sideways. That's just tough to adjust to. There are things in life you just expect. And lousy Halloween weather is one of them.

What are your Halloween memories?  Probably weather isn't one of them, unless it was really lousy. What's the best Halloween costume you had as a child. I got a giant box (it was from washing machine my parents had bought) and went as a transistor radio/Walkman. Yes, even then I knew this was what I wanted to do.