A couple was found dead in their  Garfield Township home on Monday and their son was wounded.

October is  "Domestic Violence Awareness Month and tragedy happened to a family right here in West Michigan. The couple was found shot and killed in their home. The Detroit Free Press reported that...

"Prosecutor Bob Springstead said it's believed the incident is domestic in nature. Still, police have not said who fired the fatal shots."

The son is reportedly in stable condition as police continue to investigate. The families neighbor said she noticed a "change" in the husband and followed that statement up with...

"If it's domestic, to me it's not really none of my business," says Castle."

That one sentence got me fired up! It is everyone's business if someone is being hurt! According to Liveyourdreams.org...

"It's none of my business."

"These are five words that keep domestic violence as the secret killer costing thousands of lives, and not to mention, $8.3 billion in national expenses annually."

Even if you are scared to get involved, you can take steps at helping someone by simply calling the police. You may just save a life.

Knowing The Signs Of Abuse

Here are some signs everyone should look for in their relationships,especially if you think you might be in trouble. The website Joyfullheartfoundation.org has a great list I wanted to share...

  • "Controls money and important identification, such as driver’s licenses and passports
  • Causes embarrassment with bad names and put-downs
  • Critical about survivors appearance and/or behavior
  • Attempts to control what partner wears
  • Has unrealistic expectations, like partner being available at all times
  • Threatens to take away or hurt the children
  • Acts like abuse is not a big deal, or denies it’s happening
  • Plays mind games to place blame on the survivor
  • Destroys property or threatens to kill pets
  • Intimidates with guns, knives or other weapons
  • Shoves, slaps, chokes, hits or forces sexual acts
  • Threatens to commit suicide"

Everyone should be safe and if you are in trouble call 911 IMMEDIATELY!