This made me giggle a bit this morning, because when I was in high school I was the one to pull pranks like this.

This morning, right as our Hatcher & Harvey in the Morning show began, we received a Facbook message from Katie Conant, who works for Lakeview High School in Battle Creek.

She snapped a shot of what some kids did overnight to try to get school to close. They plowed a bunch of snow against the front entrance and stuck carrots in the snowbank, so it looked like a bunch of snowmen were plowed into the doors.

"(It) took five kids and about 15 min to do this," she wrote on the 103.3 KFR Facebook page.

They will most likely get in trouble for doing it, but a lot of people are applauding them on Facebook for doing a well-thought-out prank that wasn't violent or obscene and didn't damage any property.

Melissa  wrote, "That is great, kids doing something creative that is not destructive!! Well done kids. This will be remembered for a long time."

Brian added, "Better than the alternatives!!! Our society needs a better sense of humor. No violence, no bullying, no property damage. Inconvenient? Perhaps."

What do you think? Funny or not funny?

Check out the photo on the 103.3 KFR Facebook page: