Some time on Sunday, the radio station's water pump died and we had no water when everyone arrived on Monday morning. What to do. At first we didn't know if it was the pump or if we needed a new well. Calls were made.

We got a memo on Monday about alternate "facilities" and that a "well-tech" had been called. Which got me to wondering, when did dowsers become well-techs? I realize it's the same thing, just a fancy new name for the job, but still. Dowsers,witching sticks and divining rods are a part of American lore.

(Brian Stark via YouTube)

Yes, these well-techs have high tech equipment that can find water probably a hundred times quicker than dowsing with a witching stick (or Divining Rod). But, maybe someday you'll need to dowse, in an emergency. Thankfully, there's youtube.

(gardansolyn via youtube)

Alas, there's also getting on city water.