Mitchel Craddock, and 8 buddies headed off to Tennessee just over a week ago to celebrate his upcoming wedding and have a good ole fashion bachelor party but it became a  puppy party instead.

The men where cooking bacon with the front door to the cabin open when "Annie" showed up.  The men soon discovered that Annie had recently given birth to 7 puppies and spent the weekend caring for the canine family.  The men packed up at the end of the weekend, and brought the dogs back to Michigan with them. All the dogs where adopted by the men or family of the men.

Due to the massive publicity about the puppies, and the guys heroic deed reported that the puppies now have a Facebook page. Trevor Jennings , the owner of the puppy Gunner and his friends set up 'Tennessee Mutt Puppies' to allow people to track the puppies growth and new life in their 'forever homes'. said...

"The young men are happy to share the story of the rescue, some positive news in a world often focused on negativity, Craddock said. They also are looking for ways to help channel the offers they have received for everything from dog food to gift cards, to help local animal shelters."

If these guys are not great enough, they posted...

"Please follow along as the dogs grow and remember to do your part to help stray animals."

Knowing that guys like that our in our neighborhood, just makes West Michigan a fabulous place to live.