We had to say good bye to our little girl, Layla.

Many of you have seen me post pictures of Layla in the KFR studio, at home or in the car.  Almost all of them involve her being a little aggressive with the licking.

My girlfriend Suzannah got little Layla as a puppy about seven years ago.  She helped her beat cancer 14 months ago.  Layla was definitely in charge around the house.  She was a VERY jealous dog, as she would always sit between Suzannah and me in an attempt to prevent any touching.  Layla was also very protective — I couldn't even tickle my son Zach without her getting all up in my business fast!

The last couple of days Layla has struggled, and she was clearly in a lot of pain.  We had to let her go on New Years Day.  While Zach and I just came into her life this past summer, being heartbroken is an understatement.

Suzannah made sure Layla had a very full and happy life!  Losing your little girl of seven years is not easy.  I hated to see her go through this pain, but Layla is now enjoying pain-free happiness in doggy heaven.

Don't believe me?  Ask the pope.