So last week was going to be uneventful, with just a simple shopping trip to Chicago. 

Photo: Dave Benson

The picture doesn't do justice to all the stuff that was acquired. For the first portion of my vacation last week, I took Kathy and my son David's girlfriend to Chicago for some shopping ahead of picking David up from his two week stint at the Iowa State Fair. (He works for his aunt and uncle, selling candied nuts) So on Sunday, we went to Michigan Ave. downtown and hit a couple of the multi-story indoor shopping malls. Captain Cheapskate here just shook his head at the prices, but both Kathy and Rae found plenty to try on and buy. I kept my eyes on the prize. The world's greatest Chicago pizza was just a few hours away. It's a neighborhood place in the heart of Lincoln Park, near DePaul University on Clybourn Ave. named Pequod's. Cue the angels singing. Seriously, you'll thank me.

Then Monday morning, we headed over to Woodfield Mall, which we found out is now the 10 largest mall in the country, but...the third busiest. More stuff was bought. I got a bad case of the hiccups. Stopped at a hot sauce store, and got three spoonfuls of ghost pepper sauces. They were good, but I got the hiccups. Oh, well. Then we met up at an outlet mall to pick David up. What most people don't realize, there aren't any bargains at the outlet mall. 50 dollars for a pair of flip-flops. 'Nuff said. But...I had left over pizza to enjoy when we got home. Life is short, but sweet for certain. (or so sang Dave Matthews).