In 1907 the first New Years Ball dropped in New York City from the flagpole on top of One Time Square, so what have we dropped in Michigan?

The start of a New Year, filled with hope and excitement, is there any better feeling? Most likely not, that is why we celebrate the coming months with friends, family, and dropping things. According to Timeand

"Across the United States a range of cities and towns hold their own versions of the ball drop. A variety of objects are lowered or raised during the last minute of the year. The objects are usually linked to an aspect of local history or industry. Examples of objects 'dropped' or raised in this way include a variety of live and modeled domestic and wild animals, fruit, vegetables, automobiles, industrial machinery, a giant replica of a peach (Atlanta, Georgia), an acorn made of brass and weighing 900 pounds (Raleigh, North Carolina) and ping pong balls (Strasburg, Pennsylvania)."

Here in the Mitten State we have some pretty cool things that drop from the sky on the eve of a New Year...

4 Interesting Things That Michigan Has Dropped On New Years Eve...

  • Ann Arbor - When ringing in 2014, a lit hockey puck was "dropped in honor of the NHL Winter Classic game that was being played on New Years Day at Michigan Stadium.
  • Kalamazoo - Since 2009 the city has dropped a recyclable ball.
  • Detroit - A sculpture known as the "D Burst" (which is adorned with a giant letter "D") is lowered from the Hard Rock Cafe at Campus Martius Park.
  • Traverse City - A Cherry is dropped at Midnight.

1 Not So Interesting Thing Dropped On New Years Eve...

  • Royal Oak - A ball is dropped at Midnight

Through the years many cities dropped some interesting (or should I say odd) things on news eve. Listed The Top 5 Bizarre Things Cities have Dropped On New Years Eve...

  1. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania they drop a giant Peep (for the record the city is the home to the candy Peep's parent company).
  2. In North Carolina they drop a wooden flea. The reason is because the town used to known as "Flea Hill".
  3. In Mobile, Alabama they drop a Moon Pie.
  4. Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin they drop a real (but dead) carp.
  5. Bartlesville, Oklahoma they drop an Olive that lands into a martini glass.

Just a few fun facts for you to impress friends with on New Years Eve.

No matter what you watch fall from the Heavens on New Years Eve, I hope you have an amazing year!