This wasn't a problem when we had twenty below and two feet of snow on the ground.But this weekend and particularly Friday night, Kathy and I have too much on our plate.You. too?


The whole Kalamazoo Marathon weekend begins with the Meijer Kids' Fun Run at Nazareth after work Friday afternoon. Also, Art Hop is Friday after work, and a good friend who is a great photographer is showing his stuff at a credit union on Portage Rd. Then we have a farewell party for a friend who's joining the military. Then, Blackhawk hockey. (Don't give me that look. If it was your team playing, you'd be goofy about it, too. Beside, hockey the best.)

More Marathon related Expo at Wings on Saturday, and the Marathon on Sunday morning. The Hawks again on Sunday afternoon and Brian Regan Sunday night at the State.

And that's not to mention Little League, AYSO soccer, getting stuff done at home, etc. Have fun and be safe.